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Fitness School of the Future

Join Ranjan Sahu in his transformative workshop where he guides you on a journey to train your mind, master meditation, and achieve weight management goals. Discover the power of a healthy mind to unlock a healthy body. Find your flow and embark on a holistic fitness experience today.

Tuesday Meditation and Group Prayers.              
Join us every Tuesday for a serene and enlightening experience of meditation and prayers. Whether you're a beginner or just starting out on your spiritual journey, our Tuesday Meditation sessions are the perfect place to take your first step. Discover inner peace, find clarity, and embrace a sense of calm as we embark on this journey together. Start your week with tranquility and let the power of meditation transform your life.


Nurture your mind with positive thoughts and cleanse it from negativity. Just as your body requires daily care and nourishment, your mind thrives on detoxifying unwanted thoughts and upgrading with creativity. By embracing the universal law and nurturing your relationships, you can cultivate a harmonious life. Take a moment for regular introspection and watch as your mind transforms into a powerful force of positivity. Start today and unlock the limitless potential within you.


Timeless Tips from Scriptures for Effortless Weight Loss: Uncover sacred wisdom for a healthier you. Practice mindful eating, embrace balance, control portions, engage in physical activity, nurture inner transformation, and seek supportive community. Let scriptures guide you on a journey to effortless weight loss and overall well-being.


No one is truly busy; it's all about priorities. Give top priority to your body and mind, and they will support you when you need them most. We empower you to unlock your potential through tailored practices that nourish both. From invigorating workouts to calming meditation, prioritize yourself and reap the rewards of vitality and success. Join us and make your well-being a priority for a fulfilling life.


The ultimate fitness guru who combines his expertise as a teacher, trainer, coach, and nutritionist with 12 years of study in Vedanta. His holistic approach to weight loss and well-being is enriched by the profound connection between the body and mind. With a background as a stand-up comedian for over 25 years, Ranjan infuses humor and captivation into each session, making fitness enjoyable. Join us on a unique journey with Ranjan Sahu to transform your body, mind, and life.
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